Singaporean defence minister calls on countries to jointly develop frameworks to guide behaviour, outcomes
Xinhua · | 2021-10-12 22:53
Singaporean defence minister calls on countries to jointly develop frameworks to guide behaviour, outcomes

SINGAPORE, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Singaporean Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen said on Tuesday that countries need to come together to develop frameworks to guide behaviour and outcomes in digital, cyber, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging domains, so as to search for stabilizers in this age of technological disruptions.

While delivering a welcome address at the third Singapore Defence Technology Summit, the defense minister urged to put a timely focus on advances in the digital domain, space, autonomous technologies and AI as these disruptive technologies are transforming how organizations and industries operate.

He said that countries should continue to support ongoing efforts at the United Nations to develop frameworks, whether on the application of international law, or fostering of norms and principles, to strengthen international order. Outside the United Nations, they can also pursue multilateral arrangements to address collective challenges, such as the risk of irresponsible use of AI in military applications.

Meanwhile, the minister said that the digital domain is a contested battle space, and attacks in the digital battlefield pose a growing threat that can easily spill over, explode and wreck unintended havoc on the rest of society.

"The need for frameworks to guide state and commercial behaviour in cyber, AI, big data and other emerging domains has become more urgent," Ng added.

He admitted that consensus will not be easy to achieve, but said that the conversations among corporations and countries must start.

"The digital domain must move from an unfettered, no-rules based, 'who dares, wins' architecture to one that prevents, at the very least, high-stakes catastrophes and disruption to civilian life," the minister said.

The Singapore Defence Technology Summit, held by Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency, will be held both in person and online from Oct. 12 to 15. A record number of close to 800 participants including eminent global thought leaders across government, commercial sectors, academia and think tanks will examine the impact of recent disruptions, share their perspectives and forge collaboration to shape the future of technology at the event. Enditem

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